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    Frequency Control and Its Application
AC motor speed control primarily on the basis of different load torque requirements process or through AC inverter regulate motor speed, spindle motor to change the output characteristics. Fans such as pumps used in fluid load will enable fluid flow and pressure according to actual needs constant voltage or constant flow automatically adjust. Than it used valves, adjust expenditure orifice flow or pressure energy savings, while extending equipment life and solve the area, equipment launched frequent, serious impact of current and pressure, a large quantity of equipment maintenance, and other issues.
According to principles of fluid mechanics, water pumps and the flow of motor speed is proportional to the pressure and the motor speed is proportional to the square, a VVVF fan pumps, energy saving effects than the use of pressure or flow control valve of energy-saving method can be 40 percent ~ 50 percent, water-saving 7 percent. Conventional pumps most of the time running at rated load, in particular water plant and residential living water supply, according to its design maximum load water pump selection, and 24 h of water daily load great changes in the evening less water use Frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, according to the size of water changes, the automatic adjustment of pump speed, while ensuring constant pressure on the water supply, not only can save a lot of energy, extend equipment life, and solve the water pollution problem in the second, is a very ideal high-tech energy-saving products.
This product adaptation of generic three-phase asynchronous motors, a new type of power devices, digital control.
1。 Living areas, high buildings, such as water supply and hot water heating system.
2。The cycle of various types of central air conditioning pumps, cooling water supply system.
3。 deep-well pump (deep-well pump, submersible pumps) Water Supply System.
4。 sewage treatment plants, water supply drainage station automation systems.
5。 The petrochemical industry load the fluid flow and pressure control systems.
6。 Various Blower, Fan, ventilation machines, air-conditioning fans, cooling tower fan and other air volume control system.
7。The transit point for oil, lose, lose-doped, water supply systems. 8。Industrial and mining enterprises in the production and living water.
Automatic Fault Protection: overload, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, lack of protection, under voltage protection, thermal protection, over-current protection, as well as over-voltage, overload, less transient voltage electricity restored to start.
Frequency control cabinet selection:
Users with a high degree of water quantity and water pumps or Taiwan and several models, the installation location, Locker body size, and other technical requirements, our company can be personalized customized.
Choice the pump power: 15-350 KW
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